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Coaching triathletes from 1983, Gerry Rodrigues’ coaching and training methodology has been:
Adopted by IRONMAN University.
IRONMAN Corporation hired Coach Gerry Rodrigues, as their consultant and chief architect in preparing their triathlon swim training education for IRONMAN University.
Studied and emulated by thousands of triathlon coaches worldwide.
Through IRONMAN University, scores of interviews and articles, and his “Be Race Ready” podcast, over 2,400 coaches worldwide have been influenced by Gerry Rodrigues.
Utilized by beginner through professional triathletes alike.
Coach Gerry estimates he has coached over 10,000 athletes over his career.

TOWER 26's Triathlon Swim Coaching - Affiliate Member.

Follow along in sync with TOWER 26’s training plan executing the exact workouts as we deliver them to our beginner triathletes through world champions. ALL workouts are designed and prepared by Coach Gerry Rodrigues.

3 Coaching Plans available:
Race Ready Swim Plan
(Paid $285 quarterly/every 3 months)

The macro architecture is based upon TOWER 26’s patented four essential ingredients in becoming a better triathlon swimmer. The details should be listened to in podcast #3. TOWER 26’s “Be Race Ready” podcast provides triathlon swim-specific education in its densely filled, 30-minute episodes.
Improve your swim mechanics.
One of the key ingredients for performance enhancements. You’ll be taught proper triathlon, open-water swim mechanics based on Gerry Rodrigues’s three essential technical identifiers: tautness, alignment and propulsion. Podcasts #4, 5, and 6.
Increase your training volume.
Low volume is a red flag when assessing poor performance. You’ll receive the appropriate dosage throughout each training phase.
Execute the proper training prescription.
An essential ingredient for performance improvement. You’ll receive a proven training plan with dedicated architecture for your improvements. When to do what workouts, with what intensity and technical focus is Gerry Rodrigues’s signature success. ALL workouts are designed by Coach Gerry.
Be accountable.
You perform better when you’re accountable. There are several accountability stations available to you in this plan.
The season layout is based on TOWER 26’s proven 5-phase yearly training plan. These details should be listened to in podcast #1 of our “Be Race Ready” podcast series.
Phase I: Recovery and technical phase.
This phase starts mid to late October (post Kona Ironman championship) approximately coinciding with the end of your previous racing season, running through December 31. This period allows your body to recoup and refresh itself after a long season of work. Only then can you fully absorb additional training load. In addition, this phase's primary focus is enhanced swim mechanics.
Phase II: Foundation phase.
Here we layer on the primary base for the season, running four 3-week training cycles. We benchmark progress with testing a 1k and 100 time trial. These are retested several times during the season. This phase concludes around March 31.
Phase III: Sharpening phase.
This is our shortest phase, and generally lasts 4-6 weeks. You will retest your 1k and 100 trials at this stage’s conclusion.
Phase IV: Open water skill acquisition phase (Take out & building).
In this phase your workouts become highly specific toward building and acquiring the essential skills for open water swimming. This phase lasts approximately 6 weeks.
Phase V: Race ready phase.
This is your final and longest phase where you become fully prepared for racing. You’ll have more confidence with your improved swim and freshness when on to your bike.
These are the workouts to do for your success and race readiness.
Four triathlon swim workouts each week.
You’ll receive four very specific swim sessions each week designed to carrot you along in your progression of skill and conditioning. These workouts build specific muscular endurance, power, and technical skill enhancements.
Two “A” sessions each week.
These two weekly foundation sessions are your key workouts.  They cannot miss sessions. If you only swim twice each week; execute these primary sessions. They are 90 minutes.
One “B” session each week.
This supporting session is added in if opportunity allows you a third swim session a week. It is 75 minutes and NOT to replace any “A” sessions.
One “C” session each week.
This recovery and technical session is executed if opportunity allows four sessions a week.  It is typically placed on the heels of large bike and run sessions or longer weekend training loads. For those with typical off-work weekends, Monday’s are best suited for your “C” session.
Educate yourself with podcast #2 and #24.
TOWER 26’s “Be Race Ready” podcast provides triathlon swim-specific education in its densely filled, 30-minute episodes.
Receive communication and support from our coaches.
Ask questions.
Each workout has a section at the bottom to ask questions. Educate yourself further here and ask questions about your training, your experiences and your performances.
Listen to the “Be Race Ready” podcasts.
Educate yourself by listening to our bi-weekly 30-minute podcasts on relevant triathlon specific swim information.
You learn through: verbal, visual and action stimulation. Read, listen, view, participate in discussion and help others. You’ll make your largest improvements activating all these learning mechanisms.
Read the detailed workout written file.
Listen to the comprehensive workout audio file.
View the embedded video demonstrations.
Absorb the still images of proper mechanics.
Access the TOWER 26 glossary.
Listen to the podcast education.
Execute the training sessions.
Discuss your sessions in the Q and A.
Help others by sharing your experiences.
Email notification.
You will receive an email once a workout is loaded.  Four emails a week.
option.
You can sign-in to your account to check the status of upcoming workouts and review prior workouts.
Written workout file availability.
Workout files are available to you from your sign-up date.
Further notifications.
You will receive email notifications when podcasts are uploaded and video chats are being hosted.
When is best to start?
You can start during any phase, just join-in and a coach will contact you.
What if am unfit or just a beginner?
Every training phase allows you to begin at your level as all workouts are carefully crafted with that in mind.
How long before I see improvements?
This will depend on your frequency, but with consistency of 3x/week, you should receive benefits after 3 weeks or approximately 10 sessions.
What if I can't finish a session?
This depends on why. If your time budget is restricted, then trim the warm-ups keeping your main set in tact. If you're fatigued, then try using a pull buoy or conclude your session; recovery may be your best friend then.
What will bring me the greatest success?
3 things: consistency, presence in execution, and patience. This sport requires greater time for adaptation due to its water environment. There are no overnight successes.


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