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Improve your swim mechanics.

One of the key ingredients for performance enhancements. You’ll be taught proper triathlon, open-water swim mechanics based on Gerry Rodrigues’s three essential technical identifiers: tautness, alignment and propulsion. Podcasts #4, #5, and #6.

Increase your training volume.

Low volume is a red flag when assessing poor performance. You’ll receive the appropriate dosage throughout each training phase.

Execute the proper training prescription.

An essential ingredient for performance improvement. You’ll receive a proven training plan with dedicated architecture for your improvements. When to do what workouts, with what intensity and technical focus is Gerry Rodrigues’s signature success. ALL workouts are designed by Coach Gerry.

Be accountable.

You perform better when you’re accountable. There are several accountability stations available to you in this plan.

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Holly Lawrence

Professional triathlete, 2016 women’s 70.3 IRONMAN world champion

“Before I started swimming with Gerry and TOWER 26 I was a solid pool swimmer but when it came to the open water I was unpredictable and actually experienced a lot of anxiety. Little over a year on under his guidance, not only am I swimming faster than ever but I'm more consistent and feel in control. Gerry's experience and knowledge of open water swimming and how he applies it sets him apart from all the swim coaches out there. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Meredith Kessler

Professional triathlete, 11 x IM champ and 21 x 70.3 champ

“Gerry has created a profound professional foundation of knowledge, focus, attentiveness and genuine care within his world class TOWER 26 program. Not only do you grow and evolve as a swimmer, you learn and understand how to swim smarter. Gerry impacts lives. He sets all of his athletes up for success and his coaching techniques enrich your athletic performance. Gerry's experience, passion and caring personality can lift your swimming stamina and your ability to be properly prepared on race day. He has definitely helped mine!”

Lionel Sanders

Professional triathlete: 14 x 70.3 champ and 3 x IM champ with world’s fastest IM time of 7:44.29

“With over a generation of experience, Gerry has a wealth of knowledge.  Through seeing technique and training fads come and go, he has been able to discern what truly creates fast triathlon swimmers.  He is not partial to any philosophy and is not dogmatic in his approach.  I think this is what makes him a highly effective coach. And that's why I've trusted and used Gerry as my swim adviser.”

Greg Strausberg

34, attorney

“A year ago, I might have drowned attempting to swim 1000 yards continuously. I learned that some of the world’s best triathletes were training with Coach Rodrigues who was willing to share his professional knowledge with competitive age groupers like myself through podcasts and TOWER 26 workouts. After one session, I immediately saw the workouts were effectively designed, highly organized (he knows the stroke count and pace of the hundreds of people he trains), and scaled to be the best time investment I could make for improving in triathlon generally. The TOWER 26 workouts truly are 'choose your own adventure' in a competitive, but supportive environment for anyone seeking to improve their swimming from Ironman champions to new swimmers. In months, the TOWER 26 program has caused my swimming to improve in a way that would not have been possible otherwise as I watch minutes drop off my swim times.”

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